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2021 genesis gv80

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    As a new owner of a GV80 (previously 2017 G90), living in BC Canada, I followed through with my usual practice of purchasing a set of Winter Wheels/Winter Tires for a Prestige Model GV80 (see pics). Details: 20" Braelin (sold as Genesis Wheels) with Pirelli Scorpion tires Moving from my G90 to...
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    There is so much advanced technology in this vehicle I was wondering if there will be periodic updates that they could upload remotely like Tesla? Or will it be a situation where you have to bring the vehicle to Genesis to manually get any updates to the firmware, if needed.
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    If you ordered a top-spec GV80, this brand new three-dimensional instrument cluster from Continental is part of the upgraded interior technology package. Key Functions Include: "Continental says the incoming top-spec variant of the GV80, Genesis's first production SUV, will be the first...