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  1. Genesis GV80 General Discussion Forum
    The worse service experience anyone can ask for. If your car breaks down good luck if they even work on your car for 30days and will tell you they dont have loaners available.
  2. Genesis GV80 General Discussion Forum
    How do you react when the character Rarity from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Equestria Girls owns a Genesis GV80 7-seater?
  3. New Member Introductions
    First time genesis owner, and first “big boy” car. I’ve bought frugal cars for most of my life but am fortunate enough to have just splurged on this beautiful Alta White, Aquamarine Blue & Dune interior, 2.5T, RWD Prestige model. The only GV80 with this color and trim combination that I could...
  4. Genesis GV80 Ordering and Purchasing
    Available, GV80 Prestige 3.5 AWD and Advanced Plus 3.5 AWD. I also have any other Trim level and engine. I can ship the vehicle. Contact me at (954) 822 8732. 3.5 Prestige, Blue / Black 3.5 Prestige, White / Black 3.5 Prestige, Green / Beige 3.5 Prestige, White / Beige 3.5 Prestige, White /...
  5. Genesis GV80 Videos
    Asian Petrolhead tested the GV80 next to the Palisade to see how the two SUVs compare to each other. As far as the dimensions go it's interesting that the Palisade is the longer SUV, but the GV80 has a longer wheelbase. Also both SUVs have the exact same width. The GV80 is also shorter than the...
  6. Genesis GV80 General Discussion Forum
    I've been reading that the GV80 is going to be offered with matte pain in South Korea. Does anyone know if the matte paint will be offered in the US as well? Speaking of matte color options, we have Matterhorn White, Brunswick Green, and Melbourne Gray. We know that not many automakers have...
1-6 of 6 Results