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  1. Wrecked Genesis GV80

    Genesis GV80 Pictures
    I really hope no one was seriously injured in this crash. A GV80 got into a serious crash with a small truck in Korea.
  2. Genesis GV80 Canadian Price

    2021 Genesis GV80 Ordering and Purchasing
    Genesis has released their Canadian pricing for the GV80. Here's how much each trim level will cost. It has a starting price of $64,500 CDN for the 2.5T Select and goes up to $85,000 for the 3.5T Prestige. All-wheel drive is standard for all trim levels. 2021 GENESIS GV80 Trim...
  3. Genesis GV80 has reached 10,000 reservations in the US

    2021 Genesis GV80 Ordering and Purchasing
    Road Show spoke with Genesis CEO Mark Del Rosso and he told them that the GV80 has reached 10,000 reservations in the US. Del Rosso also said that the GV80 and G80 summer launches are "100% on track and there are no foreseeable inventory issues." If you're one of the 10,000 that have their...
  4. How much will the Genesis GV80 cost?

    2021 Genesis GV80 Ordering and Purchasing
    For those that are curious about how much the GV80 will cost, here's the price broken down by each trim. Genesis GV80 2.5T RWD Standard: $49,925 Genesis GV80 2.5T RWD Advanced: $53,825 Genesis GV80 2.5T RWD Prestige: $58,075 Genesis GV80 2.5T AWD Standard: $55,675 Genesis GV80 2.5T AWD...
  5. Black Genesis GV80 Thread

    Genesis GV80 Pictures
    Here are some great photos that I've found of the GV80 in black. If you find more add them below.
  6. 2021 Genesis GV80 POV Ride

    Genesis GV80 Videos
    Get a first person POV look at what it's like to drive the GV80 in South Korea.
  7. Genesis GV80 Two-Tone Paint Job

    Genesis GV80 Pictures
    How good does the GV80 look with this two-tone paint job?!
  8. Genesis GV80 falls off truck bed

    Genesis GV80 Pictures
    Someone is going to have to wait a little bit longer for their GV80. One wasn't tied down properly on a truck bed and it hit another vehicle on the bed.
  9. GV80 Delivery Date

    2021 Genesis GV80 Ordering and Purchasing
    I've heard rumors that the GV80 won't arrive until the end of the year as a result of the Coronavirus and everything shutting down. Has anyone else heard anything similar?
  10. Genesis G80 Sport is coming with a high performance V6. Will the GV80 have it?

    Genesis GV80 General Discussion Forum
    I came across this on Twitter today. The new Genesis G80 Sport is going to come with a performance version of the 3.5L Twin Turbo V6 that produces 420 hp. The question is, will this be a G80 exclusive? Or will it eventually be available in the GV80? I'd be surprised if Genesis didn't offer it...
  11. Genesis GV80 Body Repair

    Genesis GV80 Videos
    Stumbled across this video last night of South Korean technicians doing some body repair on a GV80. I wish I was able to understand what they were saying but it's worth the watch to see how they remove body panels on the GV80.
  12. Genesis GV80 vs. Hyundai Palisade

    Genesis GV80 Videos
    Asian Petrolhead tested the GV80 next to the Palisade to see how the two SUVs compare to each other. As far as the dimensions go it's interesting that the Palisade is the longer SUV, but the GV80 has a longer wheelbase. Also both SUVs have the exact same width. The GV80 is also shorter than the...
  13. What's your Genesis dealership experience been like?

    2021 Genesis GV80 Ordering and Purchasing
    In Canada we don't have full-fledged Genesis dealerships like the US. We have "distributor locations" and small boutique locations. I went to one the other day to try and get info on the GV80 and overall the experience was very pleasant. They're very nicely designed and very welcoming. The only...
  14. Has manufacturing started yet?

    Genesis GV80 General Discussion Forum
    I've been reading about how Hyundai is shutting down production to help deal with the coronavirus outbreak and I was wondering, was Genesis able to start producing the GV80 before this happened? Or will it officially start when things start getting back to normal? Would one option be better than...
  15. What size wheels are available for the GV80?

    Genesis GV80 General Discussion Forum
    I don't know if I missed this or not but do we know what size wheels are going to be available for the GV80? Are there different ones for the South Korean and North American versions? I'm deciding whether or not to get some summer rims and tires and if I do end up getting some I want to make...
  16. Genesis Motor America Launches Genesis Cares Job Loss Protection

    Genesis GV80 News
    Genesis America has launched the "Genesis Cares Job Loss Protection" to help customers and owners during the Coronavirus outbreak. Here's what it will cover: Genesis Cares Job Loss Protection Provides Genesis Owners Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times Genesis to Make Up to Six Months of Payments...
  17. Genesis GV80 Crash Test & Safety

    Genesis GV80 General Discussion Forum
    Has there been any Safety/Crash tests done on the GV80 yet? I can't seem to find anything. Since there doesn't seem to be anything yet, I've been looking at the 2 similar SUVs in the Hyundai Motors Umbrella, the Hyundai Palisade and the Kia Telluride. The Telluride is a 2020 IIHS Top Safety...