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  1. Genesis GV80 General Discussion Forum
    Purchased my GV80 here in the states, but currently applying for work in Canada jobs. Wondering if anyone has changed the country in their navigation software update? Is there a difference? Does it default to French or are there features I'd lose?
  2. Genesis GV80 General Discussion Forum
    This is probably totally basic and known by everyone but me, but what button on the steering wheel or Infotainment Console do I press to make Navigation Guidance Voice repeat what it just said? Control over this function would also allow me to hit such a button any time during a trip and the...
  3. Genesis GV80 Problems and Reliability
    I originally posted a reply to MDScotti’s post about his Map screen disappearing and switching by itself to the Icons Home Screen which I experienced in my GV80. Now it’s worse. Now after my GPS Map screen disappears, it proceeds to switch again by itself to another unwanted screen. Now the...
1-3 of 3 Results