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2021+ Genesis GV80 Sport | 2.5T & 3.5T

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Yes, the GV80 Sport will have harsher ride than Standard, Advanced & Prestige models but its precisely what this Genesis SUV needs, much like Sport versions of other Genesis models we've seen:
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Rim

P.S. its just a render BUT hopefully some sane suit at Genesis makes it happen :D
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Come on Genesis...we know you are reading the site, Genesis GV80 N please ;)
It would be great. Many want this, but it's probably at least 3 years out. They are trying to get the GV70, new G80, a GV60 and or GV90 to market before all of that. They are allegedly working on the first E car also. It may or may not be the concept Estentia (spelling?).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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