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I'd have sold my soul for that back seat option!
Strange how they vary with world markets. Apparently EU has a diesel option. (Not that I would have wanted it)
There is a lot that Korea got that the US didn't. There are even a lot of differences between the Canadian version and the US version. So I'm not holding my breath that we will see any changes to the 2022 model here. Korea actually had a 2020 model our first model year was our 2021 model which was the same as their 2020 model (with US differences). I spoke to my salesman the other day about something else and asked about the 2022s and he said that they don't believe there will be any changes other than that they will say 2022 on the registration. So far they don't see anything different in their allotment screens for the 2022 which was just released to them the other day. So it will be interesting to see what actually comes out as our 2022 year model in the US.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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