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The problem is with the mechanism that does the massage feature. They are not retracting properly after you disengage them. Genesis is aware of the problem. My G 80 is the same.
I have a GV70 with the same seat problem.
I have an open issue with Genesis re: camera alignment and/or camera lens defect issues.
They are aware, but doing nothing - which is becoming frighteningly typical with them.
I don't even want to bring up the seat issue, as uncomfortable as it is....
My car has been at the dealer going on 5 weeks for: service, 360 camera issue and a tiny part that needs painting....
I'm sure it'll be 6 months for the seat issue for them to find nothing.

I will say, however, that my experience with corporate and my dealer(s) have been great.
In fact, much better than my experiences with Audi/Mercedes in past.
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