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Share 5 things you like and dislike about your GV80 ownership experience.

Even if you don't own one yet, feel free to share your take as well. All feedback is valuable and will help us get the most of our ownership experience.

To start:

  • stunning design inside and out
  • LOVE the premium cabin
  • standard active safety
  • great power output from both powertrain setups
  • unbeatable value
  • the infotainment screen height sucks
  • we don't get color options that are available outside of the U.S.
  • no hybrid or diesel option
  • small third row
  • it arrived many years too late

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The Design of the vehicle is unique among the cookie cutter class.
The vast amount of technology options in the vehicle is top in its class.
The fact that it will self park without you in the vehicle is a show stopper.
The blind spot cameras that come on when you turn the blinker on so you don't even have to turn your head to switch lanes.
it has so many cameras it will render a bird's-eye view 3D which includes real-time surrounding areas that your vehicle is located

I hate that they do not offer matte colors in the usa. They would have sold many more just for the simple fact they offer matte colors. that's one of the first things I do when I drive it off of the lot.
I hate the marine blue with the dune color seats. I love the Dune color interior but that in no way is a good contrast with a dark blue dashboard.
I think they really dropped the ball on a few different two-tone interior colors to go with the exterior color of certain options. Their color schemes were so bad in my opinion that I was struggling to purchase this car at first. I hope it has sufficient power for the 4-cylinder model.

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I ordered mine with the Prestige Package, 3.5 Liter AWD. Gold Coast Silver with Black Beige interior.

I totally love the GV80. It looks different than all the other "cookie cutter" designs out there.
No V-8 option, Genesis already has a 5.0 Liter V-8 in their lineup. Why not offer it for the GV80?
No fog lamps.
I'm not a big fan of the steering wheel.

Of course I haven't driven it yet but I'm thinking I'll be impressed.

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Test drove one yesterday.

Pretty car. Will sell well. Will turn plenty of heads.

Infotainment center is too long and narrow, it needs to be taller! Quite ridiculously long.

Hideous steering wheel. Really is horrible. See for yourself before you buy. Put me right off. Terrible steering wheel!

Non existent rear middle seat and ancient looking red rear turn signals! Amber please! What happened to Amber?? My 17G80 is amber!! The 15 hyundia Genesis has amber led rear turn signals! 2015!
Third row... lol
Way Over hyped vehicle.
Over priced for a Genesis!
Rear wiper taken straight from a Santa Fe. It’s Ugly. Should have been tucked in at the top of the rear window and much smaller!
No V8.
Horrible mpg

2021 GV80 Prestige Vik black
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No seat massage
Small glove box
No bass in stereo system
Bad mpg
Lack of cup holders
middle rear seat unusable
Horrible cargo system instead of spare
Pretty but non functional crystal ball wheel

Looks like the Bentayga
Can tow 6k lbs
Upholstery looks elegant
Lots of power
Dual climate controls work well
Nice leg room
Back seats recline well
Self driving feature is a trip
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