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V6 GV70 with 3.3tt - A practical issue with oil+filter change is the buried location of the oil filter. It looks like the location was fine until they added all the intake hoses for the turbo upgrade to the V6 engine?
There are several issues when getting access to the oil filter -
1. The spring clips that retain the upper-most hoses need careful attention to ensure you replace them in exactly the correct position, Use the clips on the opposite side of the engine as a guide.To remove the obstructive hose just dismount the spring clip with a flat blade screwdriver or needle nose pliers,. rotate slightly so it disengages and pull the hose off.
2. There is another more awkward hose further down that blocks the filter .It has a different design of spring clip that is easy to drop way down into the bowls of the engine bay. I tied a long,thin piece of wire through the "ears" to ensure I could retrieve it.
3.The other end of the hose is secured with a tamper resistant worm-drive hose clamp . I used Vampliers to unscrew the round cap. With the hose clip on the bench,I removed the cap to reveal a simple 8mm hex beneath ..
4. The next challenge is getting a low profile 27mm socket on the filter cap. A regular socket will loosen the filter but if you unscrew very far it will jam against a wiring loom on the inner fender. .So remove the 10mm nut retaining the loom so you can pull it out of the way .Now you can pull the socket with cap off the filter bowl. You could use a stubby 27mm open end wrench or stubby ring ratchet - an unusual tool ! I just use a set of 6pt. filter cap sockets with a stubby,flex 3/8 ratchet.
5. The filter bowl drains internally so don't worry about making a big mess when you remove the cap and the filter.
This procedure is too tedious for a flat rate mechanic so I suspect it will often be skipped.
Note the oi filter cap requires 2 identical "O" rings, yes two, not one.There are 2 "O" rings in the Hyundai/Kia oil filter kit and the aluminum crush washer for the sump.
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