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Have heard recent comments that folks who have purchased a new Genesis vehicle through a standard Hyundai dealership do not receive very good after sales service when compared to the after sales service provided by the stand alone Genesis dealership; perhaps like Toyota vs Lexus or Honda vs Acura for Lexus and Acura vehicles.

In our area, we only have a standard Hyundai dealership and in fact, do not think there is a stand alone Genesis dealership anywhere in British Columbia. So when purchasing a Genesis we have to deal through a Hyundai dealership and then have them handle all after sales service activities.

What is the satisfaction level of after sales support in this forum of those who have purchased their GV80 through a normal Hyundai dealership? Thanks,
I have had a terrible terrible buying experience and service experience with genesis/Hyundai of Brooklyn - it’s really a Hyundai dealership. While I won’t go into detail, the service experience ended up taking months and multiple trips to get a radar replaced, they drove 50 miles claiming it was to calibrate but I’ve asked around and driving like that is not at all part of the process, and they lied. What they didn’t know is that you can take pictures and track the car through the app which provided me updates of everything. And the sales experience I’ve documented in a previous post but didn’t name the dealership. After the service and sales I thought that I would share my experience for everyone to be aware. I won’t buy another genesis again unless it’s from a dedicated and trained dealership
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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