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All Genesis GV80 First Drive Reviews

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Reviews of the GV80 from Korea are finally out along with spottings of them on Korean roads! Translation: "GV80 looks sad on the road It's snowing" Translation: "The basic options are so full you can eat only gv80 can be shipped to 69 million won. If you add some options, it's about 7,800.
Genesys is still Genesys. Price is competitive. It's competing with x5 and gle, but it's actually cheaper than the recently released four-cylinder glc. The six-cylinder diesel interior leather is suv. I'd rather use 2.5 gasoline" Translation: "Definitely unique! Genesis gv80" Translation: "Genesis GV80 on board. The dark blue is also pretty! However, the wheel is 22 inches too big. Riding, driving texture, 20-inch wheels seems to be just right" Translation: "Ah ... I want to buy. First of all, wait for gasoline 3.5."

Translation: "Last evening, I sat in front of the computer with @evening_sunset and tried to quote. I don't think I need a 3d instrument panel either! I was surprised to see a regular instrument panel! I have to put the 3d instrument panel unconditionally. Unconditionally. 3.5 gasoline !! Come out without any difference with diesel!"

Translation: "I tried winding the GV80. Active sound was better than I thought. The behavior is smooth throughout. Even in sport mode, you don't stand the blades.
Even if you want to buy a rear wheel, if you think about used car sales ..."

Translation: " Carnival with super powers that can move easily with the parents of Agar Derigu with 2 rows and 3 rows of independent sheets. It contains a lot of new technology. Secondly, in this situation where you have a plan, 1. Carnival Nine Goers Go. 2. What are you talking about !! If you have two girls, it's more important to depart in the second and third row."

Translation: "If you ride inside, you'll be disappointed with the 22-inch wheels. If you stand outside, you have to put the 22-inch wheels There is only one way to satisfy both! Smart latest air suspension."

P.S....I know the Korean to English translations aren't the greatest.
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