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As GV80's nearly arrive, Genesis President & CEO sent this out to celebrate

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Its a high resolution representation of the GV80 that Mark Del Rosso emailed to everyone:

I am pleased to announce that the 2021 GV80 has nearly arrived stateside. To celebrate, I’d like to personally present you with a high-resolution digital representation that truly captures the emotion of our first-ever SUV.

Built to shatter your expectations of what a luxury SUV should be, every GV80 has advanced capability and audacious design coursing through its veins—it will rekindle your sense of wonder and stoke your spirit of exploration. I am excited for you to experience it firsthand.

I hope you find this special rendition of the brand-new GV80 inspiring. And when you are ready to discover it for yourself, your local retailer is always ready to welcome you as the newest member of the Genesis family.

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Emails from the CEO just feels luxury!
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