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Blind spots?

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Re the GV 60 Advance ..We are trying to get one
Are there any blind spots?
Does the 360 view clearly show around the vehicle, to help… should there be a blind spot?
I believe the US model only has conventional side view mirrors
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I don't know about the advance but the blind spot system in the Performance is splendid. You get the usual adjustable mirror with the light up warning. But you get more. If you turn on your turn signal and window opens on the binnacle display showing the road on that side of the car. But that is not all. On the Hud as you drive if a car comes up into your blind spot, there is a red blush kind of image that appears on the Hud on the appropriate side.

I think this is the best blind spot system I have ever seen.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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