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Bob R, I've Owned Two dealerships presently I am an old man. I have a long history in the automobile industry, this problem with the warranty GV80 ex needs to be fixed and fixed now. It's about money and communication pretty simple solution just come to the table and resolve it. Greed and pride
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You are making absolutely no sense! Calm down and post whatever problem or praise you have in simple English.
Why would you ask me to calm down I think you may have our conversation mixed up with another. I just stated some facts I love the GV80 it's the warranty that was my concern. I just mentioned after reading all the similar complaints and seeing you are in North America it looks as though a class action is where these similar complaints will end up. I'm not upset I thought this is something Genesis should have covered prior to production. Matter of time it all will work out, and you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving.
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