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Yes. I got the 3.5. Drive it home to ATL from Chattanooga today. Great, quiet, ride, A lot more power than the Palisade, but honestly it was not any smoother than the Palisade.

When you step on it, there is a big difference. Exhilarating is a good adjective to describe it.

Interior wise, the navy blue dash and door trim is kind of weird. Would much prefer it with black. The Dune Napa leather is gorgeous.

The dash cluster centers around the HVAC system and a bunch of ever present directional arrows. Again, kind of weird.

The 12.3” screen is a great visual, but once again, the Palisade’s information on the screen is more intuitive and informative. In the right corner of the screen of the GV 80 you can have the time or temperature or a couple of other isolated things, but not a combination. Hopefully, this can be corrected with a software update.

That all being said, the GV 80 is a great driving head turner and I’m looking forward to putting it through its’ paces and reporting back in the coming days.
What part of atl are you in?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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