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Can the car change Driver Profiles before getting in?

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We live in Florida and bought our car from Connecticut and just had it delivered yesterday. We spent a few hours getting everything setup. Have my connected services setup, set my wife up as an additional driver and haver her connected services all setup as well.

We each went through the driver profile setup, setup the face connect, the fingerprint, and the digital key. We individually set everything that would stick for our own driver profiles so we should be good with the setup.

The problem is my wife if quite a bit shorter than I am and I had read that the face connect would change the driver profile based on the face it detects (why link it to a driver profile if this doesn't work?). But it doesn't change the driver profile. I've tried locking the car and unlocking it with face connect, but nothing. We also tried the digital key and both keys out of curiosity. And nothing will change the driver profile or the seat settings before we get in the car.

We had a 2014 Infiniti QX60 that would do this with the correct remote so I'm not sure what I'm missing?

Is it not possible to change the driver profile before getting in so the seat moves and the correct setting are displayed/activated?

If it is possible, what am I missing, or how do you do it?

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Thanks for the response. I thought we had tried that before and it didn't work. I went out and tried it again and it did move my seat back to where I'd sit but when I got in and started the car with only the phone with me it tried to kill me by going back to my wife's seat setting and didn't change the profile. I may have to play with this some more as it almost worked.

I do find it to be a really weird omission on their part that the face connect doesn't do this and that they physical keys aren't setup to link to each of the profiles. Our 2008 Acura MDX had the key's synced for the seats at least.
Can you update your Easy Access setting in your wife’s profile so the seat slides back whennshebturns off the vehicle?
We have the Easy Access setup for her, and it does work when it is in her profile. Is there something we should try?
I guess I didn’t read your question closely enough. If you have your wife’s seat set to slide back when she turns off the car at least it is back for you when you get in. I have found no way to change drive profile before you get in the car.
Got it. Thanks! I have a case open with Genesis, opened on Monday but haven't heard anything. And I have the Dealership looking into it as well.

I'll post back if I find any resolution.
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