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Car wash

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Hi. I’ve never done a blog so I hope this works. I’ve had my GV80 for 6 weeks And love it but I have one glitch and I’m hoping someone can help. When taking the car through an automated car wash I held the ok button like it said. This is supposed to keep the car in neutral While being propelled through the car wash. However, when the rollers hit the tires, the parking break goes on and won’t release until I put it in drive and then it can’t go through the wash. I’ve managed to get it to work but only after pushing many buttons and then no one knows what worked. Does anyone know the sequence of button pushes?
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i had this same thing happen to me i shut the whole car wash down and was so embarrassed the workers tried to figured it out but couldn't i just put the car in drive and went really really slow in the car wash
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