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Cardiff Green Genesis GV70 Photo Thread

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Has anyone got pictures of a Cardiff Green exterior with Black interior? I'm looking at GV70 2.5T, and at the trim level I want, I have to take Nappa seats, and the Green exterior only comes with Black interior. The Nappa choices are only black, blue, red -- I might pick red with a different exterior, but Green would feel too much like driving in a Christmas sweater. :) Down one trim level and regular leather, I can get Pine Green with Ocean Wave, not sure about the latter but the PG looks nice online.

BTW we weren't sure how the red interior would look (I thought it had possibilities) but the 3.5TT that we test drove was red interior and I liked it. Made me think of the 65 Mustang, though red in different places (much more understated in the GV70 2.5T, which is nice). That said, the 3.5TT red includes red seats, while the 2.5T red has black seats with red stitching, at least in the photos. Not sure I like the "can of red paint exploded" look of the 3.5TT (though I'd take it over white seats in a 65 Mustang :). Hoping the colour combinations turn out to be as shown online.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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