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Cardiff Green Genesis GV80 Owners Thread

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Got mine mailed to me yesterday, except in blue. Also, just got an email saying a cargo tray is on the way.
Did you ask for them or did they just show up?
They just showed up. Don't think the cargo tray arrived yet.
Thanks, maybe I will get mine too. I also have blue carpet and didn’t want black mats.

did they come from Genesis or your dealer?
Pretty sure they came straight from Genesis unprompted. It was odd because an email came from [email protected] w/ title "Genesis Floor Mats - Shipping Notification" stating "Your order has been shipped via Federal Express..." Guessing that was the floor mats. That might explain why my dealer gave me the black all-weather floor mats for free because there were no other floor mats otherwise. Win for me!

I also received an email from Genesis Motor America w/ the title "Your Genesis Accessories Have Been Shipped > Your cargo tray is on its way from Genesis", but if I open up the email and search the body and title for the word "cargo" nothing comes up. But it's more official than the one above.
Thank you. I've not gotten any type of correspondence from Genesis or my Dealer since buying the car. I too got the all weather mats and did get the reversible cargo tray (black) when I bought the car. Attached are photos.


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So while my dealer gave me all weather mats for front and rear, I never got the all-weather cargo mat. Mine came with the one below and it matches my blue interior. Weird.
Do you also have the carpet mat? Or is this in place of that. I also have a blue carpet mat that is under my reversible cargo tray.

Edit: I see your car is a 3 row. That mat is the folding mat that auto folds when you raise the 3rd row seats. So it is different than my two row.
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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