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Check engine light at 4k in GV80 2.5T AWD Prestige. Genesis concierge (dis)service- no pick up, no loaner despite living in 3rd largest city in NY

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Light came on at the start of a 1200 mile trip. Solid, not blinking. In reading posts and other sites, I tried the typical solutions including checking gas cap, numerous fill-ups with the highest quality name-brand premium fuels I could find, etc. I was nervous driving into remote areas of Maine but felt reassured that there was nothing seriously wrong based on my research, and finally the light went off immediately after I got home and filled up one more time. I had tried unsuccessfully to arrange for concierge service, but because I live in a city without a Genesis dealer (summers only, car purchased in SW FL), I was told I would have to drive 70 miles to Buffalo to get service...even though Rochester NY is the 3rd largest city in NY state and has numerous Hyundai dealers. Even the phone experience with Genesis Concierge was frustrating- over an hour, extended long holds, and eventually they disconnected (I was home on a solid robust line- it was clearly Genesis who dropped the call)- and did not call me back, even though they confirmed up front they had my number and would call if disconnected. While I love my GV80 and am thrilled with the driving experience and technology, this rattled my confidence in the company. I expected much, much more.
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Welcome to the forum @jschuster.

Sorry to hear about the bad customer service. Have you tried calling them back? As frustrating as it might be, after enough tries (but hopefully not too many) and different methods of contacting them, you might get through with someone that will actually help.

How about these ways to contact them that I found here?

Mon-Fri 5:00am - 5:00pm PST
Sat 6:30am - 3:00pm PST
Sun Closed
24/7 Roadside assistance (844) 340-9742

Calling Genesis dealers throughout New York state closest to you with good ratings might be another way.
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Thanks for your upbeat and helpful reply. Really appreciate it. Great to have the link you provided as well. Since the CHECK ENGINE light went off, I have not tried calling them back or reaching out again. Sadly, the frustrating experience left me with a bad taste and awful "first" impression- I had such high hopes- but if I run into other issues I will certainly use your link and suggestions.
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