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GV60 Sport Plus in Uyuni White and Obsidian Black interior + Innovation; Comfort Seat, B&O, Pan roof
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I'm sure this is going to be country/region specific to an extent, but one quirk that's come to light in the UK configurator is that heated front seats are only available if you specify the Comfort Seat pack - priced at £2.79K. Seems a **** of a lot to pay if all you want in the pack are the heated seats. I'd have very much hoped that heated seats would be standard on a £50-60+K car! But obviously not. :( The full spec for the Comfort Seat pack also includes:
  • Ergo Motion Seats for Driver
  • Side Bolster & Cushion & Back Cushion Adjuster (Driver)
  • Electric Cushion Extension (Driver)
  • Electric Lumbar Support for Passenger
  • Ventilated Seats (Front)
  • Premium Relaxation Seat (Front)
  • Electric Tilt & Telescopic Steering Wheel with Memory Seat
  • Memory Function for Driver + Electric Adjustment for Passenger
  • Heated Seats (Front)
  • Heated Steering Wheel
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Premium Air Filter
I'm really not sure I care about any of that other than the heated seats (though maybe the heated steering wheel would be a nice to have too). Not even sure what 'Ergo Motion Seats' or 'Premium Relaxation Seats' actually are - can't spot any detailed description..
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