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Dealer Add Ons for GV80

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Would really appreciate GV80 owners voice of experience here. Ordered in November, 3.5T Prestige Green on Green, and just heard from dealer that my new beauty is cruising from Korea and will be here in a few weeks. Which dealer add on items would you recommend? Which did you choose? How much did you pay compared to what they asked for? Thanks so much.
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If you shop and are prepared like I was, to travel out of State if need be, you can purchase a GV80 at MSRP and accept a reasonable dealer fee of about $600. I took no dealer installed options which is difficult to do because the F&I guys are going to try and pressure you to buy sell you something in addition to what you negotiate with the sales guys. Everything from security systems to paint treatment and wheel locks etc but don't take anything, most are rip offs and the others like cargo matts and paint ceramic coatings are better sourced online or purchased locally. If you finance through the dealer, they get another kickback from the manufacturer or the credit institution they work with but your'e paying for it some way or other. Better to arrange financing yourself and pay them cash but stick to your guns and you can get a good deal.
Great advice.

Have you guys compared pricing of the dealer installed options versus sourcing it yourself?
There could be some benefit, not only with saving money but getting higher quality stuff. Coatings fall under that.
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