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The Korean Car Blog spoke with Genesis researcher Ki-Eok Kim about the exterior design of the GV70.

The GV70 is the long awaited Genesis brand’s second SUV model and the brand’s fifth model, a new car that expands the Genesis lineup. So today we want to share with you an interview with Genesis researcher Ki-Eok Kim about the exterior design.

The GV70 inherits Genesis’ unique design DNA, such as a double-row quad lamp and crest grille (radiator grill), and has a luxurious and dynamic appearance with a refined ratio that maximizes the advantages of rear-wheel drive. So, how was the GV70’s design made? I heard stories related to the development of GV70 exterior design from Senior Researcher Ki-eok Kim, who was in charge of exterior design.

Q. How did you reflect the Genesis brand’s design strategy in the GV70?
The Genesis brand’s design stance is based on’Athletic Elegance’. In addition, each model has a different ratio of dynamics and elegance in consideration of personality. The G70 and GV70 emphasize dynamism, the G80 and GV80 at the center of the model lineup emphasize the exquisite balance of dynamism and elegance, and the flagship sedan G90 emphasizes elegance. This is the core of the Genesis brand’s design strategy. The GV70 is a model targeting the luxury mid-size SUV market, as indicated by the name of the car that combines the initial’GV’ meaning’Versatile’ of Genesis and ’70’, meaning mid-sized vehicle class.

Q. The GV70 is a model that approaches new customers. Is there any part of the exterior design that takes this personality into account?
In order for the Genesis brand to more embrace younger customers, it was determined that a more distinctive and luxurious model was needed. G90, G80, GV80 have built up the luxurious image of the Genesis brand, while G70 and GV70 play the role of’key players’ that expand the Genesis brand into a younger and differentiated luxury lifestyle brand. In particular, GV70 set the ideal customers and specified the design of people with the values of’Boundary Breaker’ who continuously strive for self-development. They can be defined as people who constantly strive to learn, value new and intense experiences, and are not afraid of being different from others. The GV70 is a model that can express its own uniqueness and will show the luxury sensibility of the Genesis brand in a different way.

Q. What are the features of the front design?
In the front part, the wing face design in which the wing emblem of Genesis is shaped with quad lamps and crest grills is the biggest feature. The quad lamp and crest grille are arranged at the same height to create a wide-looking front image. In addition, a G-Matrix pattern that emphasizes volume and three-dimensionality is applied to the radiator grill and intake grill (bumper intake) to convey Genesis’ unique identity and sporty sensibility. In addition, the presence of the vehicle was enhanced by extending the chrome molding starting from the skid plate at the bottom of the front bumper to the bottom of the door. This serves as an important design point that satisfies the character and sporty style of an SUV at the same time.

Q. What is the intention of the hood that slightly covers the headlamps?
The hood contains the Genesis brand’s design philosophy, which pursues a functional and concise design. If a’Parting Line’ is made on the top of the emblem like a competitive model, it is difficult to realize the design concept as if the hood gently wraps the grill. On the other hand, the GV70 minimizes unnecessary parting lines by designing the end of the hood in contact with the crest grill and headlamp. Through this, the rich volume of the hood and the length of the front part were further emphasized, and the proportion of the body was also more dynamic. The long hood also shades the top of the headlamps. This is intended to make the thickness of the lamp look thinner than it actually is, giving the headlamp a strong impression like a human eyebrow and revealing the uniqueness of the GV70.

Of course, the development process was never easy. This is because it is very difficult to make a hood with such a complex and elaborate shape from aluminum. The shape of the hood can be distorted during the molding process, and it is difficult to maintain the desired rigidity. However, thanks to the accumulated know-how, it was able to mass-produce with high completeness.

*Parting Line: A seam between the exterior and exterior of the vehicle

Q. In the side design, where did you emphasize dynamics?
The GV70 has been developed to stand out with a stable and dynamic body proportion based on a lower and wider body than competing models. On the side, the design that embodies the agile and dynamic coupe style and the practicality of an SUV is the biggest feature. The parabolic line in the form of a parabola that traverses the car body creates a dynamic side image, and the three-dimensional rear shoulder volume conveys the strong image of the SUV. For reference, the rear shoulder volume refers to the part that forms a voluminous feel with a character line on the rear quarter panel. It has been given a formative beauty so that strong energy can be felt on the rear wheel. In addition, the arch-shaped chrome window molding and the thick C-pillar further emphasize the coupe style, and the silhouette of the vehicle and the three-dimensional body volume are harmoniously harmonized to create an emotional and sporty image.

Q. Please explain the unique rear design.
You can find the sensational feeling of a coupe-type SUV in the tailgate, which is characterized by a gentle slanted rear glass and a simple and rich volume. A long and thin quad lamp was placed here to create a strong impression. The’GENESIS’ lettering in the middle of the tailgate proudly reveals its pride and identity as a luxury brand. Meanwhile, functional elements such as license plates, parking sensors, reversing lights, and rear reflectors are placed on the bumper so that the simple design of the rear can stand out. In addition, the vertical crest muffler tip was applied to give a sporty and wide image.

Q. How is the design of the GV70 sports package different?
A dedicated bumper is applied to the GV70 sports package, which conveys a strong image and a different sensibility. In the case of the front part, the shape of the air intake was further emphasized. In addition, the three-dimensional design of the skid plate adds a dynamic atmosphere, and the crest grille uses a darker dark chrome g-matrix pattern. A circular muffler tip with a large diameter was applied to the rear part and the rear bumper was divided up and down to emphasize a high-performance image. In addition, 19-inch and 21-inch sports-only wheels have been prepared to expand the choice of customers.

Q. Where did you increase design completion and detail?
From the initial design stage, the GV70 improved air flow by conducting wind tunnel tests and simulations using a full vehicle-sized model. Through this process, it was able to secure excellent aerodynamic performance while maintaining a dynamic and sharp image. In the case of the sensuous rear part of the coupe style, the shape of the rear spoiler was optimized to smooth the airflow at the top of the body. In addition, a front air curtain was provided to reduce the air flow resistance generated around the side of the front part and the front wheel. In addition, an’active air flap’ that opens and closes a hole inside the crest grille is provided, and at the same time, the undercover is covered over the entire lower body to improve the airflow in the front and under the body more smoothly.

Q. What was the most elaborate part of developing the design?
A lot of effort has been put into realizing a spacious interior space and a sleek and sensuous coupe-style rear image. If we focus only on the exterior design, the side view may deteriorate or the user’s convenience may be insufficient due to the tailgate with a narrow opening area. Through this process, the side of the D-pillar was smoothed to dry, resulting in a satisfactory result for everyone. The side parting line of the tailgate falls in a straight line. It is made concise by minimizing the parting line that is bent unnecessarily.

GV70 is a model that meets new customers who have not experienced Genesis before. I think it is a car that provides a different customer experience in various design areas such as exterior, interior, color, and materials. In the future, I hope that GV70 will promote Genesis as a young and special luxury lifestyle brand.
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