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Does the Genesis GV80 require premium gas?

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Is premium gas required for the Genesis GV80 3.5t and GV80 2.5t? Whether it is or isn't, the pros and cons of using premium vs regular gasoline can go on forever, especially as we get into different octane ratings. So please also include your rating, why you went with it, etc. Thanks!
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The door of my gas tank says "Premium Fuel Recommended". So I use Premium Fuel, what ever the highest octane is at the pump. My salesman told me that I would get better gas mileage with the higher octane fuel. Right now I think I'm averaging 19. But would have to look at the dash to see the exact number.
I ran my Acura MDX for years on Mid-Range (89) fuel, and am doing the same on the 3.5TT GV80 Prestige. Performance seems unaffected, still peppy and smooth. Not sure if I am losing mileage, but the $0.40-$0.50 per gallon makes up for the difference.
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