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Did he tell you about the crappy seat massage function?
Did he tell you about the tiny glove box?
Did he tell you it gets horrible gas mileage?
Did he tell you that you have to pay about 80 grand and not the advertised 48k and have to hunt and wait forever to get the car?
Did he tell you about the dumbest designed trunk cargo system ever? They give you a can of fix a flat where the spare tire is supposed to be with an impossibly stupid cargo area.
Did he tell you that the mouse wheel function is impossible to use and that there is no practical functional way to use the handwriting gesture globe crystal ball thingy?
Did he tell you about the lack of cup holders?
Did he tell you that the rear middle seat is useless if you are human shaped?
Did he tell you about the lack of bass in the stereo system? You can never have bass or add a sub woofer because Genesis poorly designed electronics go haywire.
Did.he tell you that even though the seats are really beautiful, that they are not comfortable? The airbags inside the seats are in uncomfortably weird places.
There are pros and cons to every vehicle and although I am happy with my car I would have been equally happy with several other choices. Don't succumb to the hype, weigh your options, mdx, gle, x5, cx90, etc. Your happiness is first
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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