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So my old Acura RDX had a simple (and best) solution to the personalized driver settings. If my wife opened the car holding her fob the cockpit adjusted to all of her settings. If I approach and unlock with my fob it would roll the seat back and down and adjust the mirrors etc to my settings....SIMPLE. With the GV70 (and this is the only thing so far I can complain about) it doesn't work this way or ANY way! If my wife was the last person to drive the car I approach, open the car and nothing changes. No WAY im going to fit in the car with her settings. Okay so I thought well if I just reach to the inside door panel and push #2 surely it will move to my larger person setting...STRIKE 2. OK so I'm forced to manually lower the seat all the way down and back so I can get in. I then start the car and it asks me to "verify" with the finger print button. As soon as I do that it thinks for a second and then tells me its "switching user" or something to that effect and start to proceed to try to kill (suffocate/crush my chest) me by going into my wife's settings. At that point I have to reach with the left hand and push the #2 button on the door to stop it from squishing me. What in the heck is going on here? Why not just have the car identify which fob is opening it? Failing that why not allow me to just push #2 and send it to those settings (also very easily doable with the Acura if I ever found myself having to drive but using my wife's keys). No, it makes you have to start the car first and with all those buttons to the right of the steering wheel. one must be in the car sitting with foot covering the brake to accomplish that. Then, if it wants me to verify with my fingerprint...fine...I can do that....but why in God's green earth after I do that does it decide that I now want to switch to the other driver/user? It's MY fingerprint attached to my settings. All of this happens to my wife when I was the last to use the car and she unlocks with her fob except she can easily slip in behind the wheel and also is not threatened with chest crushing death after she jumps through all the hoops. I CANNOT believe that this is the way its designed but have talked to my dealer and the national hotline with NO solution. Please HELP ME FORUM PEOPLE.....or is this in fact a major flaw in the engineering of this driver/user identification?
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