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just came back from Markham dealership

@GenesisFan the car displayed at Markham was a pre production model

here is what was noted:

  • dimension wise it feels bigger than it looks, especially the frontal hood mass portion
  • seating position is quite low for something considered an SUV
  • bottom of door looks roughly finished, as if gaps between metal can hide water and prone for corrosion. for those who has seen the bottom of doors on something like a ford flex, you know what I mean. hopefully production models are better finished
  • inside of storage pockets on doors looks cheap (shiny plastic) but somehow feels decent to the touch, again hoping its pre production issues
  • also paint on hood had a blemish dead centre, hopefully another pre production model issue
  • 3D gauges are impressive despite of some reports saying they don't work. too bad it only comes with top tier 3.5T trim
  • seats are comfortable, support wise, shape. more so than any lexus out there
  • rear seat very spacious. head room very good for something with a panaramic roof and "sporty" profile cut
  • visibility out all sides is excellent especially with the A-pillar glass

overall, as the car is as expected. no big deal-breaking flaw. feels more german than its japanese counterparts

for those interested, the facelifted G70 sedan was there too. it is a 2.0T AWD model
I really appreciate you sharing your observations with us!

Did the front seats feel sporty enough? (bolsters, etc.)

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I reserved mine yesterday and today the dealer told me the pricing would be announced on Tuesday. Also they will get their first car beginning of June and our deliveries would be around end of June.
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Received this last week, we should get our orders soon :love:

How did the both of you spec your GV70's?

Make sure to add your reservations/orders and any details here:
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