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ECO mode Question form an Ioniq 5 owner

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Recently had the Preconditioning update done to my Ionoq5 and my ECO mode has turned into a slug.

Before I could jump off the line and get into traffic quite easily. Now i't like an old VW beetle from the 60's

How responsive is the GV60's Eco mode?

Just trying to see if Hyundai/Genisis has the same power curve setting across the range.


PS. Happy New Year
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I have both, 2022 AWD limited ioniq 5 and the gv60 performance. They feel the same to me currently in eco mode. I have not gotten the BMS update yet. I plan to do 0-60 testing for both cars, and then I'll do another 0-60 once my ioniq 5 gets the update. Then I'll post a video so we have proof of what's going on. Corporate already knows about the issue though. And Normal mode will likely net you the same efficiency as Eco if you drive it carefully. So we will have to see if an update gets pushed out.
Make sure you have enough battery to take off fast….
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