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Electric Compact SUV... from Hyundai

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FYI for anyone that seen what Hyundai did to the Kona, it might be soon joined by another. I'm posting about it here because we're likely to see a Genesis version. If not and you really want to own something electric, sticking with Hyundai for now might be a good idea. Fortunately the Kona Electric comes off as a boarderline Hyundai/Genesis product.


"Hyundai’s electric lineup is about to become stronger if a report concerning an entirely new EV being added in the not-so-distant future (like, in 2021) turns out to be true.

According to BusinessKorea, unlike the Kona Electric, which is based on the ICE-model’s architecture, the new EV will be built on a dedicated platform, said to have been named the Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP).

The report claims that the yet-to-be-confirmed electric vehicle is known internally as the NE and it should be a compact SUV, slotting above the Kona Electric. We’ll take the next information with the proverbial pinch of salt, as it refers to a 450 km (280-mile) driving range. The battery supplier has yet to be selected, so the number is probably an unofficial target, although one that places it above the Kona’s EPA-estimated 415 km (258 miles).

While the zero-emission, compact SUV from Hyundai is only a rumor for now, the carmaker has already teamed up with Rimac Automobili to come up with an N midship sports car. The announcement was made last month and is part of Hyundai’s preparations for an all-electric future."
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I think you mean Hyundai Nexo. Niro EV looks nice but not Genesis nice. In fact I hope some of the Nexo EV's cabin influences this Genesis compact.

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