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Genesis equipped the GV80 with an electronic-limited slip differential (eLSD) that goes a long way to improve both off-road and on-road performance. It complements the 4WD System and Terrain Mode that together, keeps us safe on just about any terrain. KCB covered the entire terrain setup quite well and I figured it was worth a share, read on.

"GV80’s 4WD System and Terrain Mode

As mentioned, the GV80 is equipped with the 4WD system and the Terrain Mode. The 4WD system assesses the various driving conditions (including on-road/off-road status) to improve the balance of power transferred to the front and the rear set of wheels. Coupled with the e-LSD―which adjusts the subtle balance between the right set and the left set―on the rear axle, the 4WD system assures that the wheels will not lose traction under any driving condition.

GV80’s Terrain Mode is most effective when it is aided by the e-LSD

The 4WD system works more effectively, however, under GV80’s Terrain Mode. The Terrain Mode is an integration of the 4WD system, the e-LSD, the ECU (Engine Control Unit), the TCU (Transmission Control Unit), and the TCS (Traction Control System); it controls these various systems comprehensively to improve GV80’s off-road performance. It also offers three choices of terrain―mud, sand, and snow―maximizing the maneuverability specific to the road condition.

The Snow Mode works with the e-LSD to help the car run smoothly through the snow.

Each terrain mode manages the drivetrain more subtly than it would under the standard paved conditions. For example, on slippery snowy roads, the engine, transmission, and 4WD system are simultaneously controlled not to deliver too much power to the wheels, preventing slippage.

The Sand Mode allows the GV80 to run on sand without having the wheels sink

The Mud Mode is designed to boost the engine and instantly convey great power to the wheels, such that the wheels can escape from thick mud. The Sand Mode takes account of the resistance-heavy nature of sand and urges the powertrain to be as smooth as possible in transferring power to the wheels. In addition, it maintains the 50:50 power balance between the front and the rear wheels to ensure that the wheels do not sink into the sand.

As shown, the Terrain Mode subtly controls the drivetrain to help the vehicle escape the dangers of harsh terrain. But if one of the rear wheels on a 2WD vehicle is completely stuck, getting the car unstuck might not be possible even if the Terrain Mode were to be applied there. Likewise, for the ordinary SUVs only equipped with differential gears, the Terrain Mode alone may be moot, since, as discussed, most of the engine power will be sent to the side without traction.

e-LSD Completes GV80’s Off-road Performance

Thanks to the TCS and the e-LSD, the GV80 even runs capably through uneven bumps in the snow

For the GV80, even steep sand dunes aren’t much of a problem.

But once the 4WD system, the Terrain Mode, and the e-LSD are combined as in the GV80, the story changes. Even when one side of the wheels slip or run idle, the e-LSD will ensure that the driving power will not be transferred there in excess; at the same time, it will also send an appropriate amount of force to the other side. Meanwhile, the control of the power balance on the front wheels is the responsibility of the TCS. The power balance of the rear wheels is managed by the e-LSD, whereas that of the front wheels is managed by the TCS―it is this intricate arrangement of wheel power transfer that allows the 4WD system and the Terrain Mode to truly blossom. And as the crux of this multi-faceted collaboration of many systems, the e-LSD arguably deserves most credit in letting the versatile GV80 run smoothly and safely through the harshest of terrains.

The GV80 features many cutting-edge technologies like the e-LSD that may not be visible on the hood but nonetheless influence driving performance greatly. They are the unsung heroes in producing the performance commensurate with the model’s title of a premium luxury SUV. If you drive one, you will soon feel it: that even though the outward appeal of the GV80 is undoubtedly great, there is also far more than what meets the eye."
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