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Checking other GV60 forum and Reddit, seems I’m not the only one with this issue. Even the dealer service confirmed that it’s an issue with multiple other owners and Genesis is aware but has NO solution. Some report windshield noise (even in number YouTube driving reviews) while others hear it behind the driver’s seat.
Mine sounds like the rear driver’s side window or door is open. Seriously Genesis! A premium luxury EV with more noise than a standard ICE sedan? Unacceptable and while the service department is ok taking multiple test drives then replacing multiple parts, components etc. until they track it down. I’m not cool having my brand new car taken apart bit by bit to solve what the **** manufacture should have caught at the factory!

Otherwise I love the car, but this is not going well so far and the initial experience with my first Genesis is marred by this negative shoddy workmanship.
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