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FaceUnlock/Fingerprint = 2 big thumbs down. HUD = Blurry

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Brand new 120 mile GV60 Performance

Proud (and excited) new owner of a GV60.
I just got home from friends. I'm a sucker for tech. I left the key fob home.

1) Face Unlock simply refused to work at night time. I needed to turn on my phones Flash, shine it on myself, and it unlocked (still after 2 tries)
2) Fingerprint LOCKED ME OUT for a minute because it failed to read my finger print. Luckily it some how worked after the lockout period.
3) The HUD is blurry, suddenly. I don't remember it being this blurry. Wtf?

I am so far VERY disappointed in both the Face unlock, AND the fingerprint. This is terribly disappointing as these are selling points of this vehicle for me.

Has anyone else had similar experience? Did re-configuring the face unlock and fingerprint help at all?
Has anyone else experiences blurry HUDs?

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I've found face unlock to be very reliable, but the fingerprint reader is extremely fussy. Your finger has to be perfectly centered and put on the reader with almost no pressure. All things considered, no one should buy the car for these features. You really can't rely on them.
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