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I just took my wife’s GV60 sport on a round trip from central NJ to MD (south of Baltimore). I have to tell you the car is really quite comfortable and fun to drive. The driver assistance was good, not awesome, but the ride quality and comfort were great.

Here’s the biggest issue for this EV IMHO. The infotainment is not distinguished from the rest of the platform in that there is no charger Ai built into it. The NAV is just that, NAV, you have to manager chargers as waypoints plotted another way. It’s a huge flaw if you wanna road trip. Secondly this is the first time, and I have done several multi thousand mile trips in my Lightning and Porsche, that the EA network maintenance was a bit troublesome.

Along the areas where I mostly drive EA is fairly dense compared to the rest of the country, but there was a long gap due to maintenance and upgrade the location in Delaware along 95 that became concerning.

This is when I really appreciate what Tesla (we still have a MY Perf) has done wrt charging infrastructure. They’re everywhere and more convenient than all other networks combined. This truly needs to be worked out. We really are happy with the GV60 but would love to see charging AI in the NAV and we need EA, EVGo, et al to get busy building out chargers.
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