What has the learning curve been like for everybody here? Locking/unlocking the GV60 is one of the things you'll have to get used to, since it's unlike most other cars out there. This is a good read for any new owners on what it's like:
"Still, I imagine the longer you live with the Genesis, the quicker you’d retrain your brain on things like remembering your keys. But this isn’t the only part of the GV60 experience that requires some mental rewiring. Your natural instinct to get in the car, hit the brake pedal and press the start button now requires an extra step. You need to double authenticate that it’s actually you inside the car, by pressing your pointer on the fingerprint reader on the center console. Why this isn’t right next to the GV60's on/off switch — as it is in the GV70 crossover — is a mystery. I kept forgetting to do one before the other, or which thing I needed to press first.

Locking the GV60 requires more attention, as well. Instead of just hitting a button on a key fob as you walk away, you need to run your finger along the driver’s door handle and use the facial-recognition camera to electronically lock the car. Weirdly, despite being unnecessarily complicated, I found this step a lot easier to remember, maybe because those door handles stick out like lateral cowlicks.

Learning curve aside, the GV60’s biometric integration is simple and effective, and I have no doubt this technology will spread like wildfire through Genesis’ lineup, the larger Hyundai Motor Group and, honestly, the auto industry as a whole. The more I used it, the more I could totally see living without a key fob day to day. Well, assuming I remember my house key."