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Genesis GV70 Dimensions

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Here Genesis talks about what the GV70 interior dimensions are like. It includes overall length, width and height but no exact measurements. Expect those to be revealed at a later date when all GV70 specifications become available.

Genesis GV70 Interior Dimensions:
The GV70’s interior is optimized to offer passengers a generous amount of space and combines a low seating height to provide a great sense of comfort and dynamic driving environment.

The GV70 heighten the passenger’s comfort through layout optimization. Superior reclining angles, wide leg room, the ventilated rear seat offer rear-seat passengers a comfortable driving experience.

The GV70 features wrapped doors which prevent stains on passengers’ pants when getting in or out of the vehicle and it also lowers the step height and widens the foot access space to allow children to safely get in or out of the car

In addition, the GV70 applies new technologies to provide clean air to customers.

The GV70’s dual filter system improves indoor air quality by preventing fine dust and bacteria from entering the engine room pre-filter and indoor cabin filter.

The indoor cabin filter, especially, efficiently removes fine dust from inside and outside of the vehicle with higher capability of filtering ultrafine dust. It also removes indoor bioaerosols by up to 99.9% within 10 minutes based on its antibacterial function.
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Actually Genesis released some of the dimensions for the GV70.

Overall length (mm)4,715
Width (mm)1,910
Height (mm)1,630

Overall length (inches)185.6
Width (inches)75.2
Height (inches)64.2
Wheelbase (inches)113.2
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