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Genesis GV70 Interior Photos

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I don't recall any reviews or comments mentioning the excruciating lack of rear legroom. I was actually surprised because the vehicle is not that small. I don't know what they've done with the spac3e, I guess it mostly went into the hood.

For example, looking at the 2022 Subaru Outback vs GV70, wheelbase is 2745mm vs 2875mm, length is 4860mm vs 4715mm, front legroom 1087mm vs 1048mm, rear legroom 1004mm vs 945mm, max cargo 1611L vs 2144L (these numbers are meaningless to most of us Canadians, except as a basis for comparison). I assume they all measure front legroom with seat all the way back, then rear legroom with front seat all the way forward.

Here are 2 pictures I took (one very blurry, sorry my phone put itself into infinite or macro mode or something) of the rear space with driver's seat all the way back. I need it that far back though I was able to drive with it a bit forward. I was astonished at what it looked like, I think it's tighter than my old 2005 Forester, which we considered a 3-seater except in desperate circumstances (I could safely drive with the seat forward a couple of inches, but not for hours on end; passenger wants seat back for comfort but can move forward and sit upright to accommodate).

I expect with our current lifestyle (even after Covid restrictions ease), we can live with a 3-seater. But the floor behind front seat is currently also good for (for example) a folded walker, or a computer bag. I don't think my bag would fit on floor behind driver. Guess it's another compromise, and not a showstopper, but I'm surprised at lack of mention.


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If yer 7' tall I don't think you would be driving a crossover!
I'm not even close to 7' but that's where my seat was when driving.
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