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The electric GV70e has been spotted testing in South Korea.

Here's the caption to the post (translated to english by google):

Sometimes I see camouflaged vehicles on my way to work.
I was so accustomed to this situation that I didn't care much, but the car above was a GV70 camouflage membrane, so I was more interested.
It is a vehicle that has already been released, but it is a camouflage membrane ...
Upon closer inspection, there is no muffler ... There is no diesel model, but the diffuser design is different ... After the signal changes there, the oscillation acceleration is so awful~~!!!! "'s an EV"...I want...
(Design that the wheel does not exist in the previous model)
After a little bit, I took the LG Electronics building in Magok... haha (Impan-do, head of Gangseo-gu)
Electric cars are hot these days, but even GV70ev.....
Well, it will come out next year, this year and next year, and the subsidy seems to dry
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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