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Genesis GV70s are Arriving at US Dealers

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Some dealers are starting to take delivery of their GV70s! This GV70 arrived at a dealership in Greer, South Carolina.

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I think there must have been a flood of them arriving recently. Less than a month ago, I tried the inventory checker (US only) and gave it a zip code I know in FL, between Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale (so northerm Broward County, for those who care). I limited to 2.5T and AWD and I think at one point it included Orlando to get to 6 (!).

Today, 123 of the 2.5T AWD listed for the same zip code. That includes Orlando, and Tampa which is slightly further away. It didn't let me specify a max distance, but Courtesy Genesis is 186.0 miles so I infer it defaults to 200mi limit.

There's no analogous checker for Canada but I'm hoping there will be vehicles in stock soon (dealer said he thought Nov but said it was just a guess).

Please ignore my question that follows, I see there are 13 colours in the "build your own" (way more than here) but only 7 colours in the inventory checker (for both AWD/FWD and 2.5T/3.5TT). It looks like dealers only stocked the safer colours. Or else they ordered green but the inventory checker won't tell us about them. :( BTW is there really no Green exterior in US? Not shown as a filter option on the inventory checker.
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