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It looks like Geneisis is preparing to release a bunch of accessories for the GV80.

Korea's Auto Post has learned Genesis is preparing a "Genuine Parts" subpage inside its South Korean market website.

Items like a carbon rear diffuser will be included. Genesis briefly had it on their website and it was suddenly taken down.

Here's the article (translated to English from Korean):

Recently, the Genesis homepage featured a special option in addition to the GV80, which took less than five minutes. What was the option? Today AutoPost Issue Plus takes a step further into the story of GV80 Genuine Parts, which disappeared in five minutes from the site.

GV80's genuine parts that appeared on the homepage ' waiting for a minute' go directly to the main point. A few days ago, the Genesis GV80 homepage had a page with information that new options would be available as genuine parts. It was a genuine accessory system that could be applied as an option at the time of shipment of the vehicle in the same way as Tuix provided by Hyundai, or purchased separately after shipment.

GV80 has been criticized for widening consumers' choices unlike existing domestic cars as it has promoted indie orders and luxury, so the addition of new genuine parts was welcomed by consumers. However, less than five minutes after uploading to the site, the contents disappeared again. What happened?

The Genuine Parts that came with the GV80 were carbon packages.

The first GV80 in the picture was equipped with a front skirt, which was introduced as a genuine carbon skirt with genuine parts that add more dynamic and sporty sensibility than the existing GV80.

Since carbon parts are mostly suitable for sports and light weight, there may be an argument about whether they are suitable for luxury GV80, but carbon front skirts are expected to appear as genuine parts anyway.

The high-performance carbon diffuser also appeared. The carbon front skirt was the rear carbon diffuser. Real Carbon Diffuser, which is mainly applied to high performance vehicles and sports cars, is a symbol of high performance.

The GV80 diesel specification, which is currently on sale, does not have a dual muffler that protrudes outwards, so it is expected to appear with a later released gasoline model or launch parts separately after the launch of gasoline. Since the diffuser is installed separately, it may be applicable to diesel models.
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