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Genesis GV80 Diesel Fixed, Production Resumed

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The issues around the GV80 diesel have apparently been fixed and production has restarted!

Production of the Genesis first SUV, the GV80, with the Smartstream 3.0 diesel engine has resumed. According Hyundai Motor Group, Genesis fixed the problem related to the GV80 diesel, which was discontinued in June due to intermittent engine shaking and vibration.

Full-scale production starts next week. Genesis said that when running at a low rpm for a long period of time, vibration and shaking occurred depending on the accumulation of carbon in the engine. For improvement, it is reported that the research institute and the quality headquarters jointly applied the improvement plan three times to confirm that the engine shaking and vibration problems were improved.

Customers of some of the existing GV80 3.0 diesel models receive an extension of the warranty period for the main parts of the engine from 5 years / 100,000 km to 10 years / 200,000 km as a measure against engine shake. The vehicle subject to the extended warranty period is the GV80 3.0 diesel, which was shipped through June 11th.

Hyundai Motor Group new in-line 6-cylinder diesel engine applied to GV80 diesel is a new powertrain called Smartstream D3.0 FR VGT that meets efficiency, performance, and enhanced emission regulations, but suffered the shaking problems from the beginning. Several prototypes were spied testing near HMG R&D Centre. High/low pressure EGR, LNT, DPF, and SCR are used together to meet Euro 6d RDE2 standards.

On the other hand, the GV80, which was released in January and was the first SUV from Genesis has reached a very good level of sales. Starting with 1,176 units in February, 3,268 units in March, 4,324 units in April, 4,164 units in May, 3,728 units in June, 3,009 units in July, etc. A total of 19,669 units were sold until July. Considering the average price of 70 million won (US $58,894), we can say it is a high sales volume.
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I legit didn't know there was a diesel version.
I legit didn't know there was a diesel version.
I think it's only going to be offered in South Korea and select areas. I don't see it coming to the US.
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