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Genesis GV80 Gets 3D Instrument Cluster from Continental

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If you ordered a top-spec GV80, this brand new three-dimensional instrument cluster from Continental is part of the upgraded interior technology package.

Key Functions Include:

"Continental says the incoming top-spec variant of the GV80, Genesis's first production SUV, will be the first production model to receive its new technology, which displays three-dimensional scales, pointers and objects (like a stop-sign warning) in the driver's line of sight.
To ensure accuracy, Continental's interior camera detects the driver's viewpoint and adjusts the displays according to individual head position. The camera is also able to detect driver fatigue, as well as identify if the driver is spending too much time focusing on the cluster"

What's REALLY exciting are the updates that Continental has planned:

"The technology company is working on the digital dials and infotainment systems of the future, which will further integrate the human-machine interface into a single unit. Drivers will be able to use gesture controls and to drag maps from the front passenger’s display onto their screen, positioning them wherever they want. The system is designed for automated driving and merges across the entire width of the dashboard, revealing critical information, as well as different services and apps.
Second-row passengers will also enjoy the 3D experience without needing glasses, as Continental is also developing a 3D display based on the natural 3D Lightfield Technology from Leia, a Silicon Valley company. Production of the system is planned to commence in 2022 and will be part of the connected car of tomorrow."

Lets just hope that Genesis rolls out those updates to us in the next year or two, or three!

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The thing I like best is the blind turn video screen. As you know, each dial turns into a real time video of your blind spot when you put on the turn signal.
I have seen in a number of videos 2 red lights (infrared) I believe to monitor if the driver is in position. Has anyone that has driven the GV80 found them distracting?
Yes, it tracks your eyes. Everyone I've heard who's driven them says you don't really notice them. The answer is no. LOL
Thanks! I guess on videos it just seems far more obvious than actually sitting in the drivers seat! Good to know and thanks
If it was distracting, they'd have to get rid of it. Most folks won't even notice it for the most part. Especially if you use the heads up display.
Quite true! Very sharp looking SUV. Can't wait to actually sit in one.
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