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Genesis GV80 Head-Up Display

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We have an early look at the head-up display will look like in the GV80! It will be the first vehicle to use Hyundai Mobis' new system.

The display will apparently be 12 inches, which is a pretty decent size.

Hyundai Mobis plans to sell the display to other carmakers.

"The company is aiming to sign contracts with global carmakers to sell its HUD products and foster HUD products to become a major export item," Hyundai Mobis said in a statement.

"Future infotainment systems will provide more extensive and convenient service to passengers beyond simple driving assistance and information. We are developing various solutions that allow drivers to enjoy a differentiated experience in the vehicle," Vice President Carsten Weiss, head of the in-vehicle-infotainment system engineering center at Hyundai Mobis, said in the statement.

Genesis GV80 Head-Up Display
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