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For anyone on here that has had a long history with Genesis vehicles, what is their reliability like?

I know there was the recent news story about Genesis recalling the GV80 in South Korea because of issues with the Idle Stop & Go system which is pretty concerning.

I've done some research and I've seen a few issues with other vehicles, I've read about problems with paint chipping, warped brake rotors, and ventilated seats for the G70. While 8000 G80's and G90's were recalled last July because of a loose seal from an oil supply pipe that feeds lubricant to the turbocharged.

Does anyone have any concerns about the build quality of the GV80? Especially since this is their first SUV and its first model year?

I don't have a long history with their vehicles despite being a fan. I've driven the G70 a couple of times but that's about it. So any help is appreciated.
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