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Genesis has reached the 700,000 sales mark worldwide since launching back in 2015.

Hyundai Motor Group’s luxury car brand Genesis surpassed 700,000 units in global cumulative sales since launched as a separate luxury brand back in 2015.

Genesis has produced a total of 699,751 units (511,204 domestic and 188,547 overseas) since the launch of the brand in November 2015 until April 2022. In addition, during May Genesis sold a total of 12,234 units in South Korea, so a total of 711,985 units were sold, not counting overseas sales during the same month.

Considering this pace, Genesis could exceed 1 million units by the middle of next year. Looking at the performance by vehicle type, the best selling was the G80 with a total sales of 314,448 units. Another sedan, the G70 and G90, also recorded cumulative sales of 104,338 units and 102,775 units, respectively.
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