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We finally have a name for the Genesis electric crossover! According to the Asia Times it will be called the GV60. Which fits it nicely in the current GV lineup.

Translated from Korean:

Hyundai Motor's luxury brand Genesis has confirmed the name of the electric vehicle known as JW as'GV60'. Mass production starts in August this year.

According to the automobile industry on the 2nd, it was confirmed that Hyundai Motor Company recently established a mass production plan for a new electric vehicle that Genesis will release this year.

The most notable electric vehicle is the GV60, and E-GMP, developed by the Hyundai Motor Group as a platform exclusively for electric vehicles, is applied to the Genesis model for the first time.

E-GMP is called the head of the Hyundai Motor Group's new electric vehicle technology. It has even been said that E-GMP is the future of Hyundai Motor Group. Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia CV (codename), which are about to be released globally next month, are next-generation electric vehicles based on E-GMP.

The specific specifications of the GV60 are not known, but it is expected to be at the bottom of the Genesis SUV lineup. Genesis is attaching'GV' to SUVs and'G' to sedans according to its naming method. The number at the end indicates the size.

With the release of the GV60, Genesis will secure a lineup of SUVs ranging from small to large along with the GV70 and GV80.

Along with this, Genesis will begin mass production of the GV70 electric vehicle in December. This means that electric vehicles will add firepower to the SUV lineup, which runs from small to medium.

Last month, Genesis recorded sales of 11,497 units, an increase of 283.2% from the previous year. With the addition of electric vehicles, the uptrend is expected to increase further. This year, a new version of Genesis' flagship G90 is also scheduled.

Apart from this, Hyundai Motor Company will start selling the Santa Fe hybrid, which was produced only for export, in the first half of this year. Currently, the first mass production is from mid-June.

Santa Fe's fourth-generation partially modified model was released last year, but sales did not meet expectations because it did not have eco-friendly powertrains such as hybrids. It had to close its business last year with a sales volume of 52,325 less than its rival Kia Sorento (82,275). In the case of Sorento, hybrid models gained popularity, accounting for about 30% of total sales.

Hyundai Motor Company also planned to introduce a hybrid with a partially modified model last year, but eventually gave up as the Sorento Hybrid with the same powertrain did not receive tax benefits due to authentication problems.

An industry official said, "As this year is called the first year of the electrification era, the fierce struggle of automakers to capture the victory in the electric vehicle market has begun."
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