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Gold Coast Silver Genesis GV80

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What does everyone think about the GV80 in Gold Coast Silver?


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Home now from picking it up. Here's my original car and the new GV80. This dealership has one Silver GV80 that's not spoken for yet supposed to hit their lot in the next day or so. It came in with mine but hasn't been through detailing yet. It's Universal Genesis in Orlando, Florida on OBT. Added on the 10 year / 100,000 mile bumper to bumper and the 5 year tires and rims protection at the last minute.

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The interior is Dune/ultramarine Blue

if I had to describe the exterior color I’d say it is more pewter than gold or silver.
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Beautiful. Just saw one and drove it but the interior was black. I may have to get one built, I am looking for beige interior, what is the color is your interior.
Mine is the Ultramarine Blue/Dune.
I hope there's not a problem with the Gold Coast Silver paint as that's what I bought!

Yep, I love my Gold Coast Silver color too. I was wondering the same thing, are they discontinuing the color on the other models as well? Matter of fact when I picked up my GV80 I also picked up a tube of touch up paint and it wasn't available yet as the parts manager said but he had a tube of Gold Coast Silver touch up paint available for the G90 (exactly the same color) so I purchased that. So I'm wondering the same thing, is the color being discontinued (along with the Lima Red) brand wide or just on the GV80?
My service department said they wouldn't feel safe selling me the G90 Gold Coast Silver touch up paint as it might not be exactly the same color as the GV80. That I should wait for the actual paint for my car to come in. They said from year to year there can be small differences in the paint colors.
Just got a call from a dealer that they have a Gold Coast Silver GV80 available with Ultramarine Blue/Dune. Not sure what that interior looks like, does anyone have pictures to share.
If you go to the first page of this thread there are some and I posted mine on page 2 that is dune/blue as well.
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