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Gold Coast Silver Genesis GV80

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What does everyone think about the GV80 in Gold Coast Silver?


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Beautiful. Just saw one and drove it but the interior was black. I may have to get one built, I am looking for beige interior, what is the color is your interior.
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I own a 2013 Hyundai Azera and use to drive a Honda Pilot. Nether compares to the GV 80!
Welcome @Bwalls! Which trim level are you looking to get?
Leaning to the 3.5T Pretige. Can't find any Gold Coast Silver with beige/black interior at any dealer. I called Genesis Concierge to order but they have discontinued the Gold Coast Silver and Lima Red colors, now I have to decide on another color! What a Bummer!!!
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Did any dealer confirm with you that the Gold Coast Silver & Lima Red are discontinued?
The Genesis Concierge told me about the Gold Coast Silver, then I called a dealer and he told me that was correct and the Lima Read was discontinued as well and Genesis hasn't updated their website. I am going to reach out to other dealers again, I really like the color. May have to go with Cardiff green.

Maybe there is a problem with those colors , I can't see why they would discontinue a color they just came out with.
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Just got a call from a dealer that they have a Gold Coast Silver GV80 available with Ultramarine Blue/Dune. Not sure what that interior looks like, does anyone have pictures to share.
If you go to the first page of this thread there are some and I posted mine on page 2 that is dune/blue as well.
Looks nice, think I will take a weekend drive to see it.
Well, so much for Gold Coast Silver. Just so happento be at the dealer yesterday while they were unloading a Cardiff Green with Beige interior. Beautiful! I bought it last night!!!
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