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GV70,Mauna Red with vanilla beige interior, advanced package
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This is a 2 week ownership review of my Genesis GV 70-
Color exterior- Red
Interior- Vanilla Beige
Packages- Advanced package
Trim level-2.5 T

I don't think there is any debate there. Genesis is one of the coolest-looking SUV out there. GV70 has the exact right proportions. GV80 appears a little bit out of proportion but albeit it's a still very good-looking vehicle.

Nicely put together. I would go for the Advanced package anytime as this includes a lot of amenities that substantially upgrade the interior for not much cost. The leatherette surfaces with select and standard packages can get sticky sometimes and gets very hot in hot climates.
I had an Audi Q5 premium plus 2018 which I drove for the past 5 years and it is night and day when compared with interior material/quality choices. Most of the interior is covered in leather and the controls are aluminum brushed or finished which feels great when you touch them. I love the interior of this suv(advanced package). It is the interior of 80 k Mercedes or BMW that you can get for 55k in this SUV. Real value for money.
Interior illumination or ambient lighting is a very nice touch available with an advanced package

Ride Quality--
if you are looking for a luxurious, comfortable ride then you won't be disappointed. It has 300 hp which is plenty and gives you a spirited drive if needed.

Cabin space--
Much better than Q5 or X3. It is slightly wider and with more legroom for the front and back in my opinion compared to Q5 which feels cramped. The light interior may be adding to the roominess. The headroom is generous with a panoramic sunroof

Tech and infotainment system-
Again this SUV scores really high in this department. Except for some features like HUD, we get everything-- lane assist,keep, adaptive cruise, etc. The infotainment system is very intuitive and quick to input. Voice control also works great

Cargo space-
comparable to other vehicles in its class

overall I love my new GV70 and am very happy with my purchase. There was one area in the rear bench seat where the leather is not tightly stitched which I brought to the attention of the service department. They said they are going to fix it. Awaiting appointment. Apart from this, there has been no issue from my end.

If you feel the steering is heavy then look at settings and make sure they are on comfort or eco mode. another setting i would look at is lane keep or assist warning vs intervention. I would choose warning, as intervention tries to fight you to keep you in the center of the lane and makes the steering feel extra heavy.
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