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Today I both went in to my local dealer and put my deposit down for a GV60. Ended up settling on a GV60 Performance in Mauna Red with the Ash Grey/Glacier White interior. On the upside in person they were a lot more willing to provide some information than over email before.

To echo what others have speculated/suggested on price - the dealer wouldn't give me/didn't have any hard numbers but suggested a loaded GV60 Performance shouldn't go much past 70k CAD if at all, but it might start at more like 67/68. Likewise the GV60 Advanced AWD Likely around 60k or maybe 62. They didn't "confirm" but hinted at down the line or after it goes on regular sale a cheaper third trim option becoming available "in the low 50's" but unlikely to ever reach the 45k that would be required to qualify for the iZEV incentives from the Federal Government.

Apparently there is an initial allocation of roughly 500 cars in production soon that will be arriving late March or early April to dealers. Genesis seems to "match" customers who place a deposit down with one of these cars if available, otherwise they enter the build queue which has a 4-5 month lead time right now and estimated delivery for those is around June/July.

I was told about 230 of the initial 500 have been allocated to people who put down a deposit already since yesterday. They couldn't (or didn't have that information) on what cars/trims/colours are part of that 500 nor guarantee whether the model I chose would be on there. There does however appear to be some flexibility to change trim/colour down the line and be matched with a different car that is part of the 500 if you would have had to wait otherwise.

Additionally I was told that all the GV60's coming into Canada will have the V2L connector included by default, and there was also a chance of the level 2 Genesis 240v home charger being included with the vehicle as well. I'd be inclined to take that with a grain of salt, but sounds promising nonetheless.

I was hinted to that the Atacama Copper cars (which I quite like) will be hard to come by and there isn't many yet- ordering a more standard colour has higher odds of getting one of the early cars. It was also suggested that additional interior/exterior colour options might become available down the line too since many of the colours can't be configured with the Glacier interior right now. Lastly, I got told that initial "hand raisers" who were on the email/stay connected list from earlier in 2021 have first picks on deposit cancellations or switching colours for the early cars. I don't know if that is regional to my dealer alone though or part of Genesis Canada handling the lists for these cars.
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