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GV60 vs Ioniq 5

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I’ve whittled my next car down to the GV60 or Ioniq 5, and I imagine given the close specifications and same foundation, GV60 owners have naturally faced the same choice.

I’m interested to understand what your thought process/rationale was to choose a GV60?

As it’s a company car my budget is set by the company, so the direct comparisons I’m making is:
  • Ioniq 5 Namsan AWD
  • GV60 Premium
    • Metallic paint
    • Artificial leather
    • Innovation
    • Panoramic roof
    • Comfort seat
    • B&O
Choosing the GV60 I’d be missing the leather seats, camera wing-mirrors, the V2L and rear heated seats. I think I could live without those though, especially getting the massage seats, memory steering wheel and proper augmented navigation in return.

My concerns with the GV60 are the artificial leather (no issues with saving the cows, just that it looked a bit naff on the configurator graphic) and boot size. As we have a 6 month old little boy, and a boy-so-small push chair, boot size has all of a sudden become important, probably the highest priority.
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That's amazing news. Please let us know if you can wait on the three year for Genesis!
Pretty sure it's three years from your purchase date, regardless of when you activate the account.
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